About Us

My name is AndrΓ© and I am the co-founder of Bitshare Hashaway. We are two guys who became seriously interested in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in the summer of 2017. We spent months researching and talking about the crypto space, until our wives couldn't stand it anymore (understandable reaction). By that time, we knew we had to follow through or let it go, so we decided to invest in Bitcoin mining hardware. 

As our knowledge grew, we also invested in other coins that have long term potential growth.

As of now, we currently have 4 Antminer S9 running and we plan on buying more hardware in months to come. We want to ramp up to 14 mining rigs and eventually move to a commercial location. Our miners are located in QuΓ©bec, Canada, where the cost of electricy is low  

I have a business marketing background and my friend/business partner is an Electrician. Together, we make a good team to run a small cryptocurrency mining facility and share our knowledge on social media.